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I am a Coach with Yes Futures, an organisation which specialises in extra-curricular personal development programmes, improving young people’s confidence, resilience and access to successful futures. I have promised the pupils that I am mentoring that I will get onto Nick Ferrari’s LBC radio show to talk about the importance of mums inspiring their kids to Dream and Think Big. There are 15 pupils, 3 Coaches and we have all set goals which we need to complete by 1 July. I believe there is no point in setting such an exercise unless you choose a really big hairy audacious goal. I have contacted the LBC Production Team twice, been following Nick on Twitter but no response… I will not give up! This exercise is all about teaching them the power of self belief, confidence, persistence and determination. If anyone is connected to Nick could you please share this message, connect me to him.. Or share my tweets ref Nick tweets or FB Posts I would be so very grateful.

This is an opportunity to show these pupils that if you believe in something enough you can achieve your goals. Thank you so much.

Dealing With Change

We all have to deal with change. It comes into your life either by choice or by circumstance. Change happens whether you want it or not. It doesn’t have to stress you out, cause you anxiety. It should be viewed as an opportunity to head towards a new and exciting destination, to push yourself to unknown limits. Read more

New Years Resolutions

Statistics show that only one in 11 manage to keep to their New Years Resolutions in the UK. Under half break theirs within a fortnight blaming willpower. So how do you manage to set achievable New Years Resolutions without breaking them? These tips may help you achieve your goal. You need to:

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